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The Quantum Leap

The Quantum Leap


Ideas such as “energy and mass are different forms of the same thing” (E=mc2), “The faster you move through space, the slower you move through time” (time dilation), and “space and time distortion are the consequence of the particle field that allow things to acquire mass” (gravity), have been the spearhead to re-defining the understanding of Universe. In this sense, quantum theory essentially allows us to understand some of the questions that, so far, we ask ourselves.

This message is an invitation to allow biochemistry to guide life. It is the same present flow in cells that resonates with the whole. It would be interesting if, with a new perspective, we approach the path, using the inspiration and passion that this supernatural force we call ‘life’, gives us. After all, what matters is not the first or the final chapter in life, but running the race well. So, play, laugh, believe, feel, and love all over again.

Reader's Reviews:

I am really impressed by the concept. As someone who takes an interest in science, I have found it very interesting to see scientific processes given such a real-world grounding, and how we can use them to see what is important and what is inconsequential. As I've said before, my wife also has a very scientific mind, and I can imagine it being the sort of book that she would enjoy. Kind regards. Tony White. Northwich, Cheshire (England).

If I say The Quantum Leap is only a novel, I would be describing this wonderful book incompletely. It uses the exciting day-to-day life of Sandra, the protagonist, to take us on an adventure through such diverse subjects as philosophy, psychology, astronomy and chemistry (in which the author is a professional), towards a deeper understanding of humanity and the Universe. It takes into account such diverse points of view as the wisdom of the natives and Zen Buddhism. Sandra analyses her social, emotional and labor problems in a scientific but spiritual way, enlightening the reader's journey through life. With an acute observation of nature, the book describes amazing dreams and adventures narrated with poetry that dazzles us with its color and depth. At the same time, it invites us to explore scientific topics in a very funny way. An inspiring read. Edgar Rincon, Bogotá (Colombia).

Very satisfied after giving my confidential vote to a new writer. It was just curiosity (after seeing the book-trailer), to find out the ability to write something unusual for a novel, such as natural sciences, and to create something fun and interesting at the same time. The message exceeded my expectations. Luz Sánchez, Seattle, Washington (USA).

This book opens your consciousness by making us live and reincarnate through the character. In the end, it makes us see that despite finding ourselves drowned in a reality that does not belong to us, we can free ourselves, and make the quantum leap to our true selves. For the first time, the mystic is hand in hand with science. Fascinating! Diana Ortiz Vidaña, San Antonio, Texas (USA).


ISBN: 978-170-99-4145-0

Editorial: Amazon KDP.

Publication date: November 21, 2019. Bogotá (Colombia).

English and  Spanish version.

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Magazine’s Biography: Yesid Vianchá was born in Mongua, Colombia, in 1979. During the early stages of my life I had the fortune to perform peasant functions. This experience makes love ancestral and cultural heritage of land, and respect for nature. Chemical Technologist, Chemist, Laboratory analyst and Teacher. Now, a curious reader and adventurer explorer in the fascinating world of literature, with the help of basic sciences.

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