About Boukker
If you like to read or write, boukker was created for you. Thousands of stories and free books. Discover talented writers. Earn money by writing. Create a community of readers and promote your books among them.


Boukker develops a platform for exchange between people from the world of books and literature. Our main services are aimed at readers, writers, publishers, bookstores, libraries and editorial workers. With such services, Boukker will help the reader find the desired book, booksellers get closer to customers, authors to contact publishers and literary agents. The word "Boukker" in Frisian means builder, and a book is a building of words. With this platform, we intend to build a communal house for reading. To facilitate your searches, Boukker takes into account your tastes and interests. Based on the information you provide us, we personalize your publications, searches, events, as well as products that appear on your page or in other sections, such as the news of Boukker Store, which will be selected and classified exclusively for you. Happy we will feel every time that Boukker helps a reader to find the longed-for book, a writer to publish his originals, a translator or editor to find a job, a company or entity to do an advantageous business; to any lover of the world of books and literature to fulfill a dream or a wish.