Privacy Policy

Boukker privacy policy.

Through this notice we explain what information we collect about you and how we use them. We want you and Boukker to endure good faith and trust, so we also recommend that you have adequate control of these two aspects, so that you can make the best decisions. It is important to underline that Boukker is a public social network. The contents of your wall can be seen and investigated by any person registered in the network. Also important is that you know that you can always contact us, ask questions and move doubts and concerns: always remember to do it in the most detailed way possible.

About us?

We are Boukker Technologies Inc. owner of the Boukker social network (hereinafter referred to as: Boukker, we, our, our, our Platform, our Site) develops a platform for exchange between people from the world of books and literature. Our main services are aimed at readers, writers, publishers, bookstores, libraries and editorial workers, among others. It is a web social network, whose headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and which allows its users to share common interests. In Boukker, users can publish their own literary or third-party texts as long as there are no violations of copyright; Share ads, news, general comments, images, videos, links, audio files. Also, through our site, users can access electronic commerce of books generated by third parties. Through this notice (Privacy Policy) we explain what type of data we collect from you and how we use it. Describe how we treat the information collected when you visit and use (the "Site") and / or other domains, products, advertising products, services and advertising services of Boukker, including our iOS and Android mobile applications. We reiterate the desire that between you and Boukker endure good faith and trust, so we also recommend you keep these two aspects in mind, so that you can make the best decisions. It is important to underline that Boukker is a public social network. The contents of your wall can be seen and investigated by any person registered in the network. Also important is that, you know that you can always contact us through the channel offered in the "Contact us" button. You can ask questions and move doubts and concerns (remember to detail them as much as possible). We also advise that when you use the Boukker Services, you also consent to the collection, transfer, handling, storage, disclosure and other uses of your information as described in this Privacy Policy. Please read carefully. What does this privacy policy cover? This Privacy Policy covers the processing of information that Boukker collects when you are using or accessing its Services. We warn that, in Boukker, third parties can exploit stores, offer their services or sell products. They do it through the present platform, we are their intermediaries. We also offer links to the websites of blogs and institutions belonging to third parties, and of other companies or entities. Our task is limited to offer general facilities in your searches. Therefore we can not be responsible for examining, verifying, evaluating or rating the content offered by such third parties, or in any way guarantee, certify, endorse or offer recommendation or advice on the offers of any such companies or individuals, or on the Content hosted on their respective websites. In this sense, neither does this Privacy Policy apply to the practices of third parties that we do not own, control or manage, including, among others, the websites, services, applications or third-party companies that offer products or other goods, values, merchandise. , transactions, and others, including non-commercial operations that result in the provision of data by the user. We are not responsible for any activity that, through Boukker, involves the delivery of data to third parties. While we try to work only with Third Party Services that share our respect for your privacy, we are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of such Third Party Services. We recommend that you carefully review the privacy policies of all third party services accessed through our Platform. In addition, this Privacy Policy does not regulate what our users do or can do in their pages, groups, and other sections of Boukker. We are not responsible for the collection of information and the use practices of our users individually, except when you are violating the Terms and Conditions of Service established for our Site.

What do we collect and how do we use it?

Account information: When you create an account in Boukker (Register), we will ask for your username, password, and email address. We may use this Account Information, along with other information you provide, to improve our services. This will allow us to personalize the information we provide. For example, if you prefer to read in English, with this we guarantee that the news that is announced is in that language. With the same aim, we propose you to fill in a form that additionally includes: age, country, language and literary preferences. Knowing your age allows us to determine if you can legally use our services. We use your email address to verify your account and to communicate with you, as described in detail later. We also allow users to search their friends by email. However, you can cancel the email search through the Settings of your account.

What we would communicate to you by email:

As part of the Services, you may occasionally receive email from us. These will contain administrative communications related to your account (for example, for account recovery or password reset purposes) which are considered part of the Services. Such communications, related to your Account, you can not choose not to receive them. However, it is also possible that we send you other types of emails, which you can always cancel from your Account Settings page, or through the link provided for this purpose in the emails themselves. IMPORTANT NOTICE: We will never send you an email to request your password or other account information. If you receive an email of this type, please, please send it to us. Who can see the user's content ?: When you provide us with content, it is published so that anyone can see it. Publicly published and shared content is accessible to everyone, including for search engines. This means that you can lose any privacy rights you have over that content. In addition, publicly shared information can be copied and shared over the Internet.

About the information related to the use of our Services:

We collect information about how people use our Services, both those who only enter the Boukker Store without registering, and those who have an Account in Boukker. This type of information is collected in our files every time you interact with us or request our Services. To collect and analyze this information, we can use (now or in the future) internal tools and third-party applications and services (such as Google Analytics or comScore). Information about how you and other people interact with our Services is used to improve, protect, and develop new Services. This should be understood as our interest in providing users with personalized content and targeted advertising. Also to improve our search results; identify trends or popular content; combat spam, malware, the use of bots, identity theft, all this in order to keep the Site and our users safe.

About social plugins and defined public actions:

As part of our products, we allow certain actions defined by plugins to be "like", or public actions such as "follow" a user, or "respond". We use information about these defined actions to improve our Services and develop new ones. Also to personalize the information we provide. Such personalization may consist of presenting you with new relevant publications, similar to what you have "liked", giving you better search results and showing you advertising more in line with your interests.

What financial information do we collect ?:

When you make purchases (for example, a book in Boukker Store) or decide to pay for a Service (it could be an advertisement), we collect certain financial information related to your payment method. The latter includes: credit or debit card number, type, due date or other valid financial information, according to practices of universal use (For example, authentication, and billing details). We, however, do not store that financial information. This information is stored by our Payment Processor. The use and storage of that information are governed by the terms of service and privacy policy applicable by the Payment Processor, so you must become familiar with and comply with these third-party terms.

What information do we collect related to your web browser ?:

We automatically receive and record information from your web browser when interacting with the Services. This includes: type and version of your browser, type of device you are using, your operating system and version, your language preference, the website or the service that sent you to our Services, the date and time of each request makes the Services, the information displayed on the screen and the information of any cookie that we have placed in your web browser (as described below, in the section "Information collected through cookies and web tags"). We use information related to the web browser to improve and develop the Services. Also to analyze behaviors, and thus distinguish if who accesses Boukker is a human or a bot.

Why are we interested in information about your location ?:

In some cases, we collect and store information about where you are: for example, by converting your IP address in the middle of approximate geolocation. We may also ask you to provide information about your location, for example, to use your geolocation information from your mobile device to geographically tag a publication. We can use the location information to improve and personalize Services; for example, to show relevant local content, or nearby sites where a particular book is available.

What information do we collect related to your mobile device ?:

We can collect and store information related to your mobile device. We may ask you to provide your telephone number to enable new products and improve the Services, as well as to enable authentication at the beginning of the Account session. We will always ask you first if you accept that we pick up and store your phone number.

About information collected through cookies and web tags:

Cookies are text files that your web browser can send and save when you access a website. They allow to store and receive identifiers and additional information about computers, telephones and other devices. Your web browser stores these cookies in a manner associated with each website you visit, and you can usually view your cookies through your browser settings, depending on the type of browser you are using.

We use cookies primarily to:

* Verify your account and know that you started session in Boukker. Thanks to this you can keep your session open while you access other pages of Boukker, and you do not have to log in again and again. * Protect your account. For example, thanks to cookies we can establish additional security measures if someone tries to access your account without authorization, by generating successive passwords. * Fight against spam and identity theft. * Customize ads. This way we can guarantee that the notices reach the people who could be more interested in them. * Measure the performance of advertising campaigns and provide statistics on the use of Boukker products. * Enable new functions for a better satisfaction of the user's interests, as they help us determine preferences. A web tag is a code or a pixel embedded in a web page, or email, that allows Boukker to see what you have seen on that page. We use cookies and web tags to allow our servers to recognize your web browser and tell us how and when you use our Services (as described above in the information related to the use of the Services. Our cookies, by themselves, do not contain information. Most web browsers have an option to disable the cookie function, which will prevent your browser from accepting new cookies. Some of the services we use (including third-party services such as Google Analytics), use web tags and can also place their own cookies in your browser. IMPORTANT NOTICE: This Privacy Policy covers only the use of cookies generated by us; does not cover the use of cookies by third parties.

With whom is your information shared?

We never share the information we receive from you unless: a) Let us have your permission to share it. b) We would have notified you in advance that the information will be shared and with whom (as in this Privacy Policy) c) That information is aggregate information or other information that does not identify you. As we have previously indicated, the content published through our Services, as well as many of the actions you perform on those Services, are shared with the public. Since that information can be accessed by anyone, and can also be indexed by search engines, you should be careful with the content you choose to publicly disclose. About the information we share with third parties: We share some information with third parties; but only with the aim of improving and developing our services. For example, we can provide information for external providers to help us combat spam. Also with third party agents that help us to develop new technologies and services. When we provide information to advertisers, it will never reveal your identity or allow someone to contact you for it. We would only give general demographic information. For example: a certain product was purchased by a young person between 20 and 25 years old in Canada. The agents with whom we share this information would generally be subject to confidentiality obligations. Always, unless punctually and expressly authorized by us, they are empowered, they will not have the right to use the information we share beyond the agreed scope and time.

About information related to commercial transfers:

If we decide to sell part or all of Boukker's assets, either because we decide to leave the business, for bankruptcy or other similar constraint, you must know, and we indicate, that in these transactions the user's information would be one of the assets subject to be transferred. By registering with Boukker, you agree that such transfers may occur, and that any Boukker acquirer may continue to use personal information, as set forth in this Policy. We note, however, that any future purchaser of Boukker, given the assumption that this contingency occurred, could only make use of the information we refer to in this Policy, provided that under the terms of the contract or document that legalizes such transfer, it admits and explicitly accept that you will not modify, and strictly comply with, the Boukker Privacy Policy that you are currently reading.

About the information disclosed for our protection and the protection of others:

We hold in esteem the right to freedom of expression of each person. At Boukker we will always protect that right, including safeguarding it, as far as possible, from legal demands presented without adequate grounds. However, we are also very respectful of the Law, so we reserve the right to access, preserve, facilitate and disclose, any information reasonably necessary, in our sole discretion, to: a) To satisfy any law, regulation, legal process, governmental request, urgency or governmental order. This includes legal requirements if we believe in good faith that the law requires us to do so (for example, a search warrant, a court order or a subpoena) b) To satisfy legal requirements of jurisdictions outside Canada if we believe in good faith that it is in accordance with the legislation of that jurisdiction, or if the legislation or international standards so advise, or if the treaties or agreements between Canada and that alleged third-party country they demand such a response. c) Enforce this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service, including the investigation of possible infractions d) Detect or prevent fraud, harmful or illegal activities, guarantee trust and social security or the Boukker community, solve technical problems (including the exchange of information with other companies and organizations in order to improve security and prevent fraud, spam and malware) e) Respond to requests for user assistance f) Protect the rights, property, health or safety of us, our users, third parties or the public in general. The security of your information. You must prevent unauthorized access to your Account and information by creating a unique, secure and protected password. You must limit access to your computer and browser by logging out after you have finished accessing your Account in the Services. We seek to protect your information (including your account information) to ensure that it remains private; However, we can not guarantee the security of any information. Unauthorized entry or use, failure of hardware or software and other factors may compromise the security of user information at any time.

How to delete your account and what happens when you delete it?

We store the data until your account is deleted. To delete your account, you must send us a copy of your identity document, so that we can make the appropriate verification that, in effect, it has been you and not a stranger the applicant of that cancellation. The account will be deleted 30 days after receiving your request. When your account is deleted, all the content you have published in your Boukker account is also deleted. However, what you have shared with other users will not be deleted, as that is no longer part of your account. Also some contents can remain for some time in cache, backup copies, copies or references. We clarify that for a long period of time we can preserve the information contained in your account, even if it has been eliminated, given the assumption that said information is subject to a judicial requirement or obligation. Likewise, we keep information about accounts that have been deactivated due to breach of our Terms and conditions of use, in order to prevent similar events from recurring. This information would be preserved for one year.

Changes to this privacy policy.

Nothing human is immovable. Maybe the future will bring us new products that due to their characteristics require certain modifications (For example, in the future you can establish safer ways to protect your account) You can also that, or the states, make legal changes, which require you to also modify this Privacy Policy. However, if by the logical process of technological development, or other similar cause or force majeure, we modify this Privacy Policy, the information we collect will always be subject to the Privacy Policy in force at the time this information was collected. Before we will also send a notification so that you can review the modifications, and decide if you continue using the services of Boukker.