Terms of Use

Terms and conditions of the Service

We cordially welcome you to Boukker!

This legal notice governs the Terms and Conditions of Use of all services, functions, applications, technologies, and software made available to the user by Boukker, except in cases that expressly indicate the application of different conditions. We ask you to read them carefully; by accessing Boukker, the user undertakes to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use detailed here.

1. Services we offer.

Boukker develops a platform for exchange between people from the books and literature world. Our main services are aimed at readers, writers, publishers, bookstores, libraries and editorial workers, among others. With such services, Boukker will help the reader find the desired book; booksellers get closer to customers, authors to contact publishers and literary agents. The word "Boukker" in Frisian means builder and a book is a building of words. With this platform, we intend to build a communal house for reading. Once you register and browse the platform, you will discover its amazing possibilities. Boukker will not only allow you to upload your own content: photos, videos, comments and stories; but also your own blog, propose auctions of rare books, or expose your curriculum and skills in order to get in touch with potential contractors or employers. This will not be the only thing you will find; many more own services are offered, but we invite you to discover them. To facilitate your searches, Boukker takes into account your tastes and interests. Based on the information you provide us, we customize your publications, searches, events, as well as products that appear on your page or in other sections, such as the news of Boukker Store, which will be selected and classified exclusively for you. Happy we will feel every time that Boukker helps a reader to find the longed-for book, to a writer to publish his originals, to a translator or editor to find a job, to a company or entity to make an advantageous business; to any lover of the world of books and literature to fulfill a dream or a wish. But Boukker is not only limited to offer their own services, it also connects you with services, companies, places, and sites on the Internet of your interest and benefit.

2. Terms of service.

Most people like to make friends and exchange in harmony: to facilitate this, Boukker was created, a place of peace, dialogue and knowledge. However, unfortunately this is not always achieved, because a small number of people do not usually respect rules and rules of coexistence. We warn these last people that we work hard to combat behaviors that may affect the good functioning of the community. Our team strives to avoid behaviors that are incompatible with our Terms and Conditions of Use. In the case of inappropriate behaviors that threaten the platform or violate the Terms and Conditions of Use, the corresponding measures will be applied, which can range from offering help, to remove content, block access to certain functions, disable accounts or contact the appropriate authorities.

2.1 About the contents published by the user

So that Boukker can adequately meet the expectations of book lovers and literature that make up their community, it is necessary to establish a group of rules of coexistence. In this way, the publications must respect our Terms and Conditions of Use. As what may be inappropriate for one person, for cultural or other reasons may not be for a third party, before a dispute or claim Boukker reserves the right to decide whether the content is appropriate or not. It is important to understand that someone must always mediate in the settlement of disputes, and it is obvious that this task belongs to us. Therefore, in the case of more serious cases or the reiteration of negative behaviors by a certain user, we not only reserve the right to withdraw content, but also to cancel participation in the network.

2.2 In this respect, we warn that:

We do not accept pornography or explicit material describing graphic sex acts. We do not accept offensive content. Humiliations, insults, insults, blasphemy, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic expressions and other manifestations that common sense typified as denigrating, abusive, unlawful, threatening or outrageous to one or more members of the community are intolerable. We reserve the right to determine when the content classifies as offensive, and the measures that must be applied in each case. We take respect for the laws and the copyright and intellectual property of third parties very seriously. In this sense, we do not accept infringing or illegal content. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that their content does not violate any law or copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or any other right belonging to third parties. The fact that the content is easily accessible does not mean that it can be bought and sold or used for any commercial purpose. On the other hand, the contents of public domain, can be used freely by any person, or can offer authorization so that only certain aspects are used openly.

2.3 What content can you share in Boukker?

You cannot use any service provided by Boukker to share or promote content that violates our Terms and Conditions of Use. We would like you to share relevant content: keep in mind that this community is made up of people who love good knowledge. That's why we leave this list of contents which cannot be shared on our platform. Those that are illegal, deceptive, or fraudulent. Those that they infringe, violate or attempt against the rights of another person. Those that violate copyright of individuals, entities, institutions or companies. Those that are carriers of viruses, malicious codes or others of the type that may hinder the proper functioning of Boukker. Nor do we allow using any type of automated software to access our services or collect information about users to the network. We can ask to change the username of an account, if this does not seem to be related to the name that the person uses in the daily or authorial life.

2.4 How to proceed with a violation of our Terms and Conditions of Use?

We reserve the right to remove any content that violates these policies, and we encourage you to report any content that violates the aforementioned policies. It is not humanly possible to review each of the contents published daily, so that usually we will act when we receive notification from a user about inappropriate content.

3. Data policy

If we do not know your tastes and interests, we cannot customize the information we provide. So, in order to provide you with related content, we collect information about groups to which you belong, pages you visit, data you provide when you open the account, interests and shared content. Your experiences in Boukker will allow us to offer you an excellent service. Among the information we compile are the way you use our Products, the types of content you see or interact with, the functions you use, the actions you take, the people or accounts with which you exchange, and the time, the frequency and duration of your activities. If you make purchases or other financial transactions through Boukker Store, or another of our sales platforms, we collect information about that purchase or transaction. This includes payment information, such as your credit or debit card number and other details about the card; information about the account and authentication; and billing, shipping and contact details.

4. The permits you grant us.

No provision or clause included in these Terms cancels or limits your rights to the content you share in Boukker; You are absolutely the owner of it. However, in order for us to provide you with a better service, we need you to grant us certain legal permits in order to use this content.

4.1 Permission to use content that you create and share in Boukker:

By accepting these Terms and Conditions of Use, you also agree that when you publish content that is protected by intellectual property rights in Boukker, Boukker Store, or another Boukker service, you grant us an international license, royalty-free or other form of compensation , sub-licenseable, transferable and non-exclusive to host, use, distribute, modify, manage, copy, show or publicly display and translate your content, as well as to create derivative works of it. How to interpret what was expressed in the previous paragraph? It means that the same conditions apply as, for example, on Facebook. They are licenses that allow us to publicly display on the Boukker timeline, the literary or artistic content (texts, videos, cartoons, drawings and others protected by copyright) that the user publishes on this platform. When it says “translate content”, it refers to the platform's automatic translation services. For example, if the user posts a text in English, it means that another user who has defined Spanish as the default language, can use the platform's internal translator. The expression "derivative works" means, for example, that Boukker can use the OAuth service to share user content on other platforms (twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) for promotional or promotional purposes without commercial interest. These licenses do not grant Boukker rights to publish the user's literary content for commercial purposes neither inside nor outside our platform, or to transfer it to third parties with the same objective. You cannot, for example, put them together in a book or brochure, or transfer them to a magazine or periodical with the idea of ​​being sold, because Boukker has no commercial rights to them. Commercial rights belong exclusively to its author. These contents can be removed at any time and this license will be automatically broken. For technical reasons, the content you delete may remain for a limited time in backups without being seen by other users. However, the content you delete may still appear if you shared it with other users and they did not delete it. By accepting these Terms and Conditions of Use, you grant us permission to use your name, profile picture and information about the actions you take with sponsored ads and content, as well as to provide information about your actions in Boukker (Example, we can show your friends that you are interested in a book, an event, a contest, that you like a page, or some service or advertisement for which Boukker receives remuneration, without receiving remuneration for it)

4.2 Permission to update the software you use or download:

By downloading or using our software, you give us permission to download and install updates, more recent versions and additional functions in order to improve and develop Boukker even more.

4.3 Permission to update our Terms and Conditions of Use:

We reserve the right to modify and update our Terms and Conditions of Use. Our Policies and Terms and Conditions of Use may be subject to change. However, you will always receive notification of any changes or changes, and in such case yours will be the right to accept them, or not continue using the services of Boukker.

5. Your commitments with Boukker.

Boukker strives to provide a quality service for you and all users of the community, as part of the community we need you to assume certain responsibilities: Use in Boukker same name that you use in everyday life. Of course, you can also use a pseudonym if that was your usual author name. Do not provide inaccurate information about yourself. For example, how could we suggest books of your choice if you do not tell us what these are? Create a single account, and use it for personal purposes; If you need an account with commercial purposes, Boukker offers you the possibility of creating it separately. Do not use false email addresses or impersonate the identity of another person or entity: this is not allowed. Protect your user's password and email. You are responsible for maintaining the reliability of your account. Do not share any information with third parties that could compromise the security of your account.

5.1 You cannot use Boukker in the following cases:

When we have previously disabled your account, because you violated our Terms and Conditions of Use. When applicable laws, whether national or international, prohibit you from receiving our products, services or software. When you do not have the legal age required in your country to use our services.

6. Limits of liability.

Boukker works hard to offer a service of excellence, but we cannot guarantee that our products will never have errors, they will always be safe, or they will be free from imperfections or delays. To the extent permitted by law, WE WAIVE GIVING ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. It is impossible for us to control or direct what people or others do or say, we will not be responsible for their actions or behavior (inside or outside Boukker) or for the content they share. It is absolutely impossible for us to determine when a problem such as "interruption of service" will occur. Consequently, we will never be responsible for the loss of profits, income or information, nor for consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive or incidental damages that arise as a result of these Terms and Conditions of Use, or the Products of Boukker, or in relation to them, even if we were warned about the possibility of such damages occurring.

7. Other businesses:

In addition to Boukker, third parties may exploit stores, offer their services or sell products through this platform. Also, we offer links to the websites of blogs and institutions belonging to third parties, and of other companies or entities. Our task is limited to offer general facilities in your searches. Therefore we cannot be responsible for examining, verifying, evaluating or rating the content offered by such third parties, or in any way guarantee, certify, endorse or offer recommendation or advice on the offers of any such companies or individuals, or on the Content hosted on their respective websites. We assume no liability for the actions, products and content of any such company or individuals or any other third parties to Boukker. We suggest that you carefully report and review the privacy statements, as well as the policies and other Terms of Use of such third parties.

8. Advertising

Parties of Boukker can host advertising content or be sponsored. We warn that only advertisers and sponsors are the responsible for ensuring that the content or material submitted for inclusion in Boukker, complies with the laws or any other legal provision in each applicable. Boukker is not responsible for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity, whatever it may be, included in the materials or advertising content or the sponsors. To file any complaint, claim or demand for advertising content inserted in Boukker by third parties, you must go to the websites of these companies, institutions or entities.

9. Conflict Resolution

We declare to act in good faith and, consequently, we try to avoid conflicts, but given the case that, for whatever reason, a dispute arises, it would be convenient to know in advance what exactly is its foundation and under what laws it is protected. In any case, given the assumption that the parties cannot reach an agreement, the user accepts that the claim is resolved by a Canadian Court.

10. Summary.

Everything stated above in these Terms and Conditions of Use constitutes an agreement between you and Boukker. Given the assumption that some part of these Terms and Conditions of Use cannot be executed, the rest remains in full force. You will not transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions of Use to any third party without our consent. We reserve all rights that we have not expressly granted you in these Terms or Conditions of Use.